January 2020

Delano Steenmeijer / Floris Heyne (NL)

Shelter’s in-house designer duo has been responsible for the club’s artwork and photography for over a year, and kick-off 2020 with their very first Shelter graphic.


December 2019

Varya Schuka (RU)

Exploring the relationship between natural and artificial environments, this Russian based artist focusses on color schemes and visual rhymes.


November 2019

Nam Das (PH)

Filipino artist Nam Das creates open-ended visual stories by arranging figurative elements into an assemblage forming a central idea. An idea that plays around the archetypes of the collective unconscious or mythologems observed throughout history.


October 2019

Apollo Photo Prints (NL)

These four Dutch creatives decided to bring the ‘unseen’ Apollo imagery back to life and share it with the world through their worldwide bestseller book and museum-quality prints.


September 2019

Mathilde Karrèr (NL)

This Fine Arts & Photography graduate’s work is not just about creating an image. She has strong ideas about concept and art direction and creating a narrative.


August 2019

Timo Steenvoorden (NL) – ‘Shades Of Green’ (2018)

Timo Steenvoorden is an Amsterdam-based portrait and nature photographer. In the latter, he tries to trace back to the roots of human existence, from the depths of untouched forests to the peaks of Europe’s mountains.


July 2019

Yica Djuric (RS/ES)

Yica Djuric is an internationally esteemed graffiti artist. She has exhibitions worldwide, mostly in the US and in Spain. Yica presents many different universes in her work and many universes exist inside Yica. Her paintings explore the concept of the ‘metahuman’ within fantasy universes. Most of these universes are a pure reflection of her subconscious. Furthermore the capability of expressing femininity and sensuality by only displaying the shape of the figures with no face or body detail, that is certainly a gift Yica has in her repertoire.


June 2019

Natacha Mankowski (FR)

As a painter and former architect, Natacha Mankowski practices architecture in the surface. Her work revolves around the investigation of the immersive qualities of space. Spending extended periods in remote areas of the world, often in ‘spoiled’ natural landscapes or in the periphery of cities – in quarries, volcanos, dry docks, etc – she records the imprint of man on nature.


May 2019

Max Slobodda (DE), 2018

Max Slobodda (b. 1987) is a long-term photography student, working and living in Dortmund, Germany, whose main focus is portrait and editorial photography. Max’s work has been published in international publications such as The Guardian, Vice and Der Freitag.


April 2019

Peter van Langen (NL)

Artist and graphic designer Peter van Langen alternates between working with different print techniques to create abstract compositions and more typography related works.


March 2019

Marko Vuleta-Djukanov (RS)

This Belgrade-based graphic designer, also know as floating_bstrd, creates work involving cut and paste shapes, cartoonish styles and colour a-plenty, adding a touch of warmth to even the edgiest artists.


February 2019

Maciek Jasik (PL)

Maciek Jasik employs in-camera techniques to reinvent barren landscapes, in places like Utah in North America or Iceland in Europe, as cryptic, mystical portals which defy our characterization of them in purely physical, materialist terms.


January 2019

Zoe Nelson (US)

Zoe Nelson is a portrait painter – albeit not of people – but of emotional states and fluid constructions of self. Nelson’s paintings often engage with themes of desire, longing, or loss.


December 2018

Finn berenbroek (NL)

Finn berenbroek is a Utrecht based visual artist. Educated as a Graphic Designer at the University of the Arts Utrecht.

His work is driven by curiosity for exploring a visual language through computer generated imagery. His visual experiments focus on 3D environments, objects, and abstract animations. |


November 2018

Aleksandra Batura (PL)

Aleksandra Batura is a Warsaw-based artist. Batura paints large-scale oil canvases using her own techniques. She earned her Doctorate of Fine Arts (Painting Specialization) from the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow. In her creative practice, the main focus is on the landscape. Sometimes referring to the areas that already exist, bringing them through the filter of her own imagination and memory.


Oktober 2018

 Thierry Vrakking (NL)

Thierry is a propitious HKU photography graduate. Through the application of inventive photo techniques, Vrakking creates abstract art, as well as atypical series of portraits and street scenes reflecting his personal and social views.


September 2018

Jon Han (US)

Jon Han is a artist based out of Brooklyn, New York and originally from Los Angeles, California. Han has makes use of the abstract and familiar elements that help convey an image that is both understandable and new. Jon Han’s work has been seen published by the likes of Apple, Google, Vogue, The New York Times, The New Yorker, etc… His work has been featured by It’sNiceThat, Booooom, American Illustration and has received two gold medals by the Society of Illustators.


August 2018

Lou Buche (FR)

Lou Buche is a french graphic designer based in Amsterdam. His work is combining digital and analog materials that he always tries to mix in a new way. He likes to make the apology of spontaneity and work with it as a possible tool.


July 2018

Lou Buche (FR)

Lou Buche is a french graphic designer based in Amsterdam. His work is combining digital and analog materials that he always tries to mix in a new way. He likes to make the apology of spontaneity and work with it as a possible tool.


June 2018

Lou Buche (FR)

Lou Buche is a french graphic designer based in Amsterdam. His work is combining digital and analog materials that he always tries to mix in a new way. He likes to make the apology of spontaneity and work with it as a possible tool.


May 2018

The Stone Twins (IE)

The Stone Twins are the Amsterdam-based creative duo Declan & Garech Stone, originally from Dublin. Their studio which equally embraces the palettes of graphic design, art-direction and copywriting has a reputation for engaging and witty work.

“Echo Chamber No.1” (2018)
The metal artwork is a commentary on the pseudo-profound and the nothingness of social media. It’s a reflection on the distortion of reality and the endless scroll of narcissism. An attempt to give permanence to the ephemeral. A search to make sense of the nonsense.


April 2018

Audrey Stone – ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ (US)

[ artist statement ]
“Observing shifting color is an ecstatic experience for me. I am intrigued by transitions from one color to the next and the way the eye and brain process these transitions, informing the viewer’s emotional and physical response to the work.

Color gradients have become a prominent element in my work. Through the perception of light and color in nature I often find myself feeling both excitement and calm simultaneously, producing a desire to bring this dynamic opposition into my work.”


March 2018

George Stoyanov (BG)


George Stoyanov is a young digital artist from Bulgaria, working as a freelance designer in the area of 3D illustration. His work focuses on CGI, 3D illustration and design. With the use of various colors, forms and conceptions,Stoyanov achieves intense emotions, closeness and sense of detail.


February 2018

SILICA (ES) | Void Waves (2017)

SILICA is a graphic designer graphic design, working with digital techniques in a more picturesque way. Inspired by landscapes, cities, skies and their colors. Processing images and creating pieces of art from them. In this process, SILICA treats the colors in a special way, with his own palettes and combinations inspired by movements like CyberPunk, Vaporwave or the 90’s Shoegaze covers.


January 2018

Tânia Filipa Silvestre (PT)

Tânia Filipa is a very recognizable Graphic Designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. All the work that she presents is very carefully calculated and projected. She has her own Art Design project called TF Concept that was founded in March 2013. Through the years she has worked with a variety of clientage, from start-up labels to well-known clubs around the world.

The main influence present in all projects is minimal art. Simple, objective and catchy. Her approach is very striking and bold creating a beautiful outcome that combines an extremely strong and formal reduction in the use of neutral color-based products. Lines, circles, triangles and squares it’s always part of the process, the beauty of simple elements it’s what she stands for. Her work embodies her abstract vision in the electronic music world.


December 2017

Alex Avgud (Rus)

In his work, Alex Avgud explores the notion of power in both social and artistic contexts — where the former deals with beauty and tragedy of being human, the latter tackles limitations and possibilities of the photographic medium.

Recently he became fascinated with directing physical performances inspired by current political issues and translating them into emerged fictional interactions. Resulting in multidisciplinary works accompanied by a range of elements from 3D graphics and abstractions to altered found footage and sounds.


November 2017

Sabine Perigault (NL)

Her works are sketches of change, growth and their influences. Visualizations of the constant flow of influence and the dynamics of social interaction. She experiences, observes, notes and then abstracts the subject.


October 2017

Mathilde Karrèr (NL)

Mathilde’s work is not just about creating an image, she has strong ideas about concept and art direction: create a narrative. Working solo, or with talented stylists, Mathilde strives for a balance of image quality, atmosphere, colour, texture and light.


September 2017

Vincent De Boer

Vincent de Boer is a typographic artist and a teacher of letter making. With many layers to a work, there is no such thing as one creative route: the starting point is simply never fixed. Vincent doesn’t do dishonesty. What he craves is a fine balance between provoking and pleasing the viewer.


August 2017

Liviu Bulea 

Liviu Bulea is a 27-year-old independent artist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His work concentrates on social issues, human behavior, gender and sexuality topics, and also on the way mass media affects our society.


July 2017

Lou Buche

Lou Buche is a French graphic designer based in Amsterdam. He graduated from Rietveld Academie in 2015. His method is focussed mainly on the way performances can participate to the construction of a graphic design message, and the role of still images in our era. His work is a combination of digital and analog materials, which he tries to mix in new ways. Buche likes to make the apology of spontaneity and utilise it as a possible tool. He has exhibited at several locations in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the Czech Republic.


June 2017

Sandberg Instituut

This month, Shelter will host the graduation of Sandberg Instituut’s Design Department – Think Tank for Visual Strategies. The club becomes the setting for encountering and rethinking the contemporary human condition.


May 2017

Lotte van de Hoef

Lotte van de Hoef (1990) works within graphic- and culturally engaging design. In her practice she mainly focusses on music-related projects, creating new visual rhythms.


April 2017

Peter van Langen

Artist and graphic designer Peter van Langen alternates between working with different print techniques to create abstract compositions and more typography related works.


March 2017

Ramona Deckers

Ramona Deckers (1982) is an Amsterdam based photographer. Her photographs, mostly of friends and people who inspire her, are raw, celebrate youth, and lay bare private moments. The trust of her models allows Deckers to bring her camera up close and personal.


February 2017

Merijn Kavelaars ‘Shanghai Nights’

Amsterdam artist Merijn Kavelaars uses broad and intricate combinations of paint for his works, applying many layers to create character and dept.


January 2017

Tarik Barri

Tarik Barri is a Dutch audiovisual artist known for his performances, installation and live visuals for artists such as Thom Yorke, Nicolas Jaar and Monolake. –

December 2016

Heleen Blanken

Netherlands-born Heleen Blanken is known for her work as the visual artist of Trouw and other pillars in dance culture. Heleen’s work expresses itself in defining the indefinable and finding organic beauty in abstract and natural forms.


November 2016

Thierry Vrakking

Thierry is a propitious third-year HKU photography student. Through the application of inventive photo techniques Vrakking creates abstract art, as well as atypical series of portraits and street scenes reflecting his personal and social views.